10 Reasons Why Hockey Goalies Should Practice Yoga

10 Reasons Why Hockey Goalies Should Practice Yoga

Yoga for Hockey Goalies: Why hockey goalies should practice yoga: Hockey goalies benefit from special training. Serious hockey goalies looking to gain an edge over their competition should consider the following 10 reasons for implementing Yoga into their daily regimes:

  1. Flexibility
    Flexibility is key for goalies that need to make that one incredible save that makes the difference between a win and a loss.
  2. Core Strength
    Core strength training allows goalies to centre their strength and harness the power from within. That may sound like the stuff of karate kids and bonsai trees, but really it is about withstanding those inevitable on-ice collisions.
  3. Mental Preparedness and Focus
    The mental game is just as important, if not more, than the physical aspects required to win. Goalies that train under this discipline are more likely to focus better and reduce their stress both on and off the ice.
  4. Balance, Speed, and Agility
    The hallmarks of a good goalie demand exceptional balance. Dolphin and Warrior positions, for example, are ideal for achieving ultimate balance, which complements both speed and agility.
  5. Injury Prevention
    Injuries can derail a goalie’s career. Common affected areas like the knee and hip can be better protected by learning and perfecting the various positions.
  6. Determination, Discipline, and Destiny
    Awareness is born from mental discipline. Determination is born from focus and the hunger to win at any cost. Goalies looking to manifest their championship destiny benefit from Yoga in this way.
  7. Sleep
    This method is proven to help goalies regulate their patterns in all aspects of life. Better rest leads to a better tomorrow.
  8. Reaction Time
    Goalkeeping tactics are improved with the increased reaction time that is a direct result from transitioning the various positions.
  9. Calmness under pressure
    Breathing exercises promotes greater calmness which helps the goalkeeper to control emotions, and thus, be more effective at making the next save.

Why hockey goalies should practice yoga?
10. WHY NOT?!

Well, if the goalie’s goal (ha!) is to fail, then not doing Yoga is a great start! No need for 10 reasons there.

Last but not least a couple more reasons: Carey Price, Jonathan Quick, Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Miller, Ray Emery, Tim Thomas… just to name a few.

Still need more reasons for hockey goalies to practice Yoga?


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