Those 2 Factors Make Yoga One Of The Best Hockey Workouts Off Ice

Those 2 Factors Make Yoga One Of The Best Hockey Workouts Off Ice

When looking for a workout regime for hockey players to participate in outside of the rink yoga may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Indeed, hockey is a very physical sport. It seems like the slower-paced yoga would be the last choice of hockey workouts off ice. However, there is more to the practice than initially meets the eye. Just because it is slower and more precise does not mean that there are no benefits and that they cannot be applied to a sport, even one that initially seems so different. We have listed here a few of the reasons why it is actually the perfect way to work out.


It is a no-brainer that balance is important for hockey players. Players are expected to perform turns, pivots and other manoeuvres at high speeds when on the ice. Maintaining balance at a critical moment can mean the difference between winning and losing a game. It is natural then, that hockey workouts off ice should feature balance as a core component. Yoga is ideal for learning about balance. Maintaining the precise movements of the exercises requires practitioners to develop an intense understanding of their own bodies and the way they move which will be reflected in turn in greater precision on the ice.


Hockey is obviously an endurance sport. One of the ways that player endurance can be improved which is often overlooked is through breathing techniques. Training endurance through cardiovascular exercises will have a limited effect if players do not understand how to supply their bodies with the necessary oxygen in the most effective way possible. Additionally, there are benefits to mental endurance which is every bit as important as physical endurance. This comes from heightened levels of concentration allowing for much greater periods of physical activity.

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