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Yoga4Hockey.com is your first destination for yoga for ice hockey players, goalies and trainers. Start now making yourself the best hockey player you can be! Therefore we will explain in detail why certain yoga exercises are crucial to reach your goals! We provide you with yoga programs especially designed and optimized for the needs of hockey people. The sets of asanas and pranayamas are painstakingly composed to make you a better hockey player. Each one will come with a detailed explanation about its impacts, what, how and why you can improve by practicing it.

Start Now Making Yourself The Best Hockey Player You Can Be

The right program off the ice will increase the progress and efficiency of your on-ice sessions, too! Yoga4Hockey.com is developing tailor-made yoga classes for the requirements of ice hockey players as well as for goalies. You can use our tutorials and classes to exercise by yourself, so you gain an extra edge on your competition.

If you are a hockey trainer, you can include our yoga routines in your squad program. You and your team will benefit from better performance, increased flexibility, maximum focus, dramatically decreased injury susceptibility and a regenerative capacity you might have never experienced before.

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