Broga – Hockey Yoga for Bros?

Broga – Hockey Yoga for Bros?

Broga is a form of yoga training that is designed with men in mind. It doesn’t require you to be super-flexible (which can be off-putting when you first start to do regular yoga). And it can actually be a great form of training for sports. Yoga for hockey players would be another splendid alternative to Broga as yoga for guys.

Hockey Yoga – The ‘Better’ Broga?

Hockey yoga offers a range of physical benefits, and is definitely not your typical yoga class. You’ll find that regular practice leads to a much improved muscle tone and core strength. At the same time it is giving you a surprisingly good workout. It does also offer the traditional yoga benefits of improved flexibility. And it can lead to stress relief once you have got the hang of the various breathing exercises.

What’s the benefit?

So, can hockey yoga really benefit you and improve your performance in the sport? Yes, it does offer some worthwhile benefits. Let’s look at those breathing exercises first. Regular breathing exercises increase lung capacity and speed up the supply of oxygen to the blood. This gets it to your muscles faster, giving you a shorter recovery time and higher endurance. All factors that are important for hockey – but not only for hockey. Hockey yoga and Broga both promote the production of melatonin, the hormone that leads to sleep. Sleep is, of course, one of the most important stages in recovery.

Is Hockey Yoga For Any Athlete?

Yes! How about reducing inflammation and pain? Injuries are common in hockey and most other sports. Anything that reduces these problems is going to be beneficial. While there haven’t been any specific studies carried out on hockey players, yoga has been shown to reduce the severity of chronic pain conditions. Levels of inflammatory markers, something which can be accurately measured, are also lower in people who regularly practice yoga.

So, is hockey yoga instead of Broga a good idea? It definitely offers a range of benefits that will improve your performance in and off the game. So both hockey yoga (or Broga) is recommended as part of your routine. Here’s why hockey yoga might take the lead: Hockey Players are considered top-notch athletes. They are widely acknowledged for working hard on themselves. This includes physical and psychological aspects. So why not give a shot at the secret weapon of the NHL stars yourself?


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