Get More Ice Time By Maximizing Efficacy – With Hockey Yoga

Get More Ice Time By Maximizing Efficacy – With Hockey Yoga

How to get more ice time is one of the hardest questions to answer. One of the best approaches to level up your game is quite another, but much more realistic approach. Get the most out of every single second when on the ice! Therefore outsource every exercise to dryland that does not include skating. Moreover: Use your off ice sessions to prepare your mind and body for maximum efficacy when on the ice! There’s a lot you can do off ice to tremendously increase your progress on ice!

Get More Ice Time – Do Hockey Yoga!

Yoga for hockey players and for goalies is the new kid on the block. And it’s here to stay. You can ask more and more NHL Players about their yoga routines and you will get more than legit reasons. Have you already started? The benefits of a hockey yoga routine are overwhelming. It strenghtens your core, rapidly increases flexibility, stability and genereal physical feeling. Hatha yoga poses sharpen your focus.

By practicing hatha yoga for hockey players you prepare yourself to squeeze out every little bit of every second when you are on the ice. 60 minutes doesn’t always equal 60 minutes of progress. It is mostly what you are able to get out of it!

Start doing the right things instead of just doing the things right!

Trigger your development process on ice by enhancing the efficacy of every single minute on ice. This insight will be one of the most important milestones on your journey to the next level. Pick up a regular yoga routine and you will gain an edge on your competition.

If you follow this valuable advice, you will get more ice time soon – starting with more shifts during games. Doing hockey yoga and the right things off ice will make ice time almost naturally come to you!

Wanna make yourself the best hockey player you can be? Get started with hockey yoga now!

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