Hockey Yoga: GET STARTED

Hockey Yoga: GET STARTED

Buy now: Hockey Yoga – Hatha Yoga for Hockey Players for 59.99 29.99$ (50% off for early birds!)


 Hockey Yoga - Hatha Yoga for Hockey Players Yoga4Hockey


Already convinced about the benefits of Hockey Yoga? Great, congrats to your decision of making yourself the best hockey player you can be! Get your digital copy of…

Hockey Yoga – Hatha Yoga for Hockey Players

Let’s get started – with Yoga4Hockey’s Hatha Yoga for Hockey Players. This is our first hockey yoga programm based on a holistic approach. We joined forces with some of the best Yogis and Yoginis. We designed a yoga program that supports the specific needs of hockey players. Our common goal is to bring your hockey game to the next Level. We hope and are convinced that you will see progress immediately. For this hockey program, we have identified and curated twelve ideal asanas in one e-book preceded by a short, but essential warm-up.

Each of these exercises is explained in detail. So you don’t need to have yoga experience to start. You can exercise at home just for yourself to get an edge on your competition or use this e-book in team practice – during or off the season. It is important though to follow the instructions in detail and pay attention to the signs of your body! Please have a look at the disclaimer of this e-book as well!

Moreover with every single exercise comes an explanation about its effects on your body and mind. We tell you how each one contributes to your goal of making yourself the best hockey player you can be.

We released our first Hockey Yoga Program – Hatha Yoga for Hockey Players in a version 1.0. Take the cance and get your digital copy at a discount of 50% compared to the final resale price of 59.99 $*!