Hockey And Yoga – It’s A Match!

Hockey And Yoga – It’s A Match!

Ice hockey players need to stay in shape and be flexible enough to manoeuvre around. This is where yoga comes in. It is a great way to prepare players mentally. They get to sweat and stretch, which is important for the game. This makes hockey and yoga an essential combination for your future success.

Why Practice Yoga?

Hockey and yoga go hand in hand as they can help complement other aspects of the player’s requirements program. This includes healthy eating and strength training, among others. The benefits include:

Improved Range of Motion and Stability

When players practice this exercise, they make use of their muscles in strange ways that helps in improving strength and stability in their secondary muscles. It helps them relax stiff muscles, ligaments and connective tissues by releasing tension in them. Yoga for hockey players helps keep the mind and body loose and open. What results is enhanced stability and improved range of motion, which helps the players lower their risk of injury thus, improving their performance.

Helps Build Resilience

hockey is an intense and physical sport. This means that injuries are inevitable. However, with a stable body that is open and balanced, players will recover faster than those with stiff and weak bodies. The exercise also cultivates mental resilience and focus. This is because it requires a lot of concentration to move through poses efficiently while staying aware of what you are doing from a single moment to the other. With time, yoga for hockey players strengthens their mental muscle to help them become better performers.

Hockey and Yoga – Optimizing Structural Efficiency

Many people suffer from musculoskeletal imbalances in their bodies, which are caused by their daily movement patterns. For example, any left-handed person will have a stronger left arm than the right one. The same applies to hockey players who shoot the puck from either side.

When left unchecked, the imbalances can lead to structural inefficiencies that will force some parts of the body to work extra harder than they normally do to compensate. This will waste player’s critical energy and make them vulnerable to injuries. Yoga helps correct the imbalances at their sources thus, helping players get optimal balance and alignment. In short, hockey and yoga go together to help the body function properly.

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