How Yoga Improves Your Hockey Player Body

How Yoga Improves Your Hockey Player Body

Sure, we’ve all heard of cross-fit and the long, strenuous hours ice hockey players tend to put in to get that shapely hockey player body. However, there’s a new kid on the block – yoga, and more importantly – Hatha! Today we’re going to look at some of the benefits that stretching and meditation can yield to help create that amazing hockey player body.

Hockey Player Body – Why You Should Practice Hatha Yoga

Many yoga styles share the same basic poses called “asanas”. Hatha is essentially a balance between yoga postures “asanas,” and breathing exercises “pranayama”. Of course, Hatha is similar to many other styles. But the main take-away is that this style tries to illustrate a balance between holding positions and breathing correctly. So, the benefit of Hatha to hockey players is that it can help them focus on the puck, monitor their breathing better so as to not tire as easily, and generally be able to move much easier.

Balance And Flexibility

After all, movement is the key to most if not all sports activities. Athletes tend to get the most detrimental sports-related injuries that are avoidable. Hatha can help with an athletes’ understanding of how the brain and muscles react to each other. It helps crate a balance between the physical and mental that can, well, actually improve one’s balance out there on the ice! What’s more is that the type of energy that goes into holding a pose is phenomenal. It’s not phenomenal in the same sense that weightlifting produces sheer muscle mass. But it’s phenomenal in the sense that holding a pose while monitoring one’s breathing can help train those muscles to be more responsive when weightlifting or playing hockey is on the agenda! Holding poses is in essence “stretching” which by nature improves flexibility.

Core Strength

It’s not all about quick, responsive legs and good upper body strength for optimal slap shots. Keeping one’s core in good shape can help anybody obtain that iconic hockey player body. A good, healthy core helps with movement all round, especially when on skates which are generally speaking unnatural for the human body to strap into. Any variant of the famous Plank Pose can help an athlete attain a slim physique.

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