How Yoga Can Make A Difference In Hockey Training

How Yoga Can Make A Difference In Hockey Training

Whether professional or recreational, every hockey player wants to continually improve performance and stamina. Many clubs are already incorporating yoga into their hockey training regimes because they can see tangible results. Let’s consider some of the advantages that this ancient and well-respected practice. What can it offer to players and trainers alike who are committed to achieving peak performance.

Sleep Better, Perform Better

Melatonin, a relaxant hormone produced by the pineal gland, assists in promoting a replenishing night’s rest. Tiredness is not always sufficient for sleep. And when compounded with aching, tight muscles, it can create the perfect storm for athletes with compromised sleep patterns. Yoga embedded in hockey training can encourage sleep, inducing relaxation via melatonin release and eases muscular discomfort. Feeling relaxed not only aids falling asleep quickly but also can add to the quality of sleep through deeper cycles.

Increased Focus Improves Mental Resilience

Prior to engaging in competition, to be mentally focused is essential – concentration is linked to performance. Instead of being plugged into headphones with a dependence on external distraction, yoga offers a way to achieve better forms of inner focus. For players who experience difficulty quieting mental distractions, they can utilise a specific range of instructions on how to enjoy in-the-moment awareness. This is complemented with practical steps such as mindful movement through the asanas and paying attention to breathing from the diaphragm. Through application and practice, mental focus is strengthened and can serve to improve performance in competition.

Structural Stability For Better Performance

One of the strengths of yoga is its ability to zone in on problem areas and resolve these through a series of movements with stretching that help to align the body. Furthermore it promotes balance and flexibility, assisting the body to function with a greater efficiency. When there is optimal structural capability, muscular stiffness and tension are reduced, lowering the risks of injuries. Benefits also include a broader scope of movement, helping players to maintain stability on their skates as they reach.

Why Yoga Is Essential For Hockey Training

Whether playing for recreation or in competition, the benefits are manifold and can support improvements in overall fitness levels, mental strength and game performance. If not already, consider signing up for online classes to incorporate into hockey training schedules and see the results.

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