Why Hockey Coaches Should Make Yoga A Part Of Their Hockey Coaching Philosophy

Why Hockey Coaches Should Make Yoga A Part Of Their Hockey Coaching Philosophy

Fortunately it is already widely known among hockey experts that a yoga program will affect a team’s performance for the better. This article tells you why you should make yoga an important part of your hockey coaching philosophy. Yoga exercises can release tight hips, reduce the chance of injury, improve recovery and healing processes, increase flexibility, focus, balance, increase the team spirit and so on. Read more why hockey coaches should be so keen on incorporating yoga into their exercise regimen.

Bring Your Team’s Game To The Next Level

It might be hard to imagine how hockey and yoga go together, but any good hockey coach knows that yoga helps improve overall performance on the ice. Not only can yoga improve recovery after an injury, but it also prevents them and increases many skills needed when playing hockey. That’s why any hockey coaching philosophy can be improved by adding yoga to the mix.

Types of Yoga

According to hockey yoga experts, not all types of yoga are appropriate for hockey players. In fact, as recently as 15 years ago, a hockey coach would never have considered using yoga as part of his hockey coaching philosophy. However, now the NHL makes regular use of certain types of yoga, the most common and considered the best being Hatha Yoga.


Yoga on can cure muscle imbalances created by playing hockey. When combined with other hockey workouts, it creates a great way for players to stay in shape and improve their performance. The trick, say the hockey yoga experts, is in finding the right frequency. Many professional players include a yoga session in their post-game recovery during the season, usually the morning after the game. A couple of times per week offers all the benefits that yoga has to offer.

Why Yoga?

As briefly mentioned above, yoga aids in recovery for a hockey player who has been injured, but more importantly it helps create skills and movements that are helpful on the ice. Yoga improves flexibility, which allows players to move more freely during practice and games. Hockey yoga helps to get the most out of every on-ice session as well. It also boosts focus, something that is important for any athlete.

A hockey coach who includes yoga in their hockey coaching philosophy also ensures excellent balance among his players, something that is vital when on skates. Yoga also helps balance the muscles throughout the body, so hockey players are more proportional and efficient on the ice. Finally, hockey is a high contact sport and yoga can help build the resilience needed to prevent injuries both on the ice and off the ice.

Team Building

Yoga has clear benefits for each individual player on a hockey team, but it’s also a great way to build camaraderie among the team. In fact, team building is anoher reason why hockey coaches use yoga in their hockey coaching philosophy. While the team is building strength and conditioning, they are also getting to know each other and can give each other tips and advice during the session.

Yoga can be incredibly beneficial to athletes of all types, including hockey players. By creating a balanced body and a well-rounded training philosophy, hockey coaches can help their players stay safe on the ice and prevent injuries that can side-line them for good.

That’s Why Yoga Must Be A Part Of Modern Hockey Coaching Philosophy

Compared to other sports, hockey creates muscular imbalances, especially in the hips. A regular yoga practice can release tight hips, improve skating, reduce the chance of injury and accelerate recovery after a hard practice or game. Moreover team yoga sessions are a great activity for team-building. It is a great way to do dryland conditioning, strengthening, stretching and relaxing mentally. Another advantage of yoga: It can be done anywhere without any special equipment. You just need a mat. And the best hockey yoga program!

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