Make Yoga A Vital Part of Your Off-Season Hockey Workout Program

Make Yoga A Vital Part of Your Off-Season Hockey Workout Program

Yoga is often characterized as a low-impact workout with a focus on meditation, breathing and stretching exercises. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. There are many different styles of practice, and many fitness and training plans incorporate some aspects into their workout. You might be surprised to learn that many professional hockey players use it as a valuable part of their off-season hockey workout program. It’s no surprise when you consider all the benefits it has to offer.

Improved balance and flexibility

Both the physical and meditative practices have been proven to increase balance and range of motion long term. The focus on stretching and regular practice of standing poses will improve both an athlete’s centre of gravity, and lower joint strength. This improves your balance on skates, and gives you a wider range of motion even when wearing heavy equipment. That’s good news for everyone on the team, but especially for the goalie!

Improved physical strength

By adding yoga to your off-season hockey workout program, you’re getting a better weight training program than you would on high-end weight machines. Weight machines target isolated muscles, which can lead to strain and injury. Core training targets both small and large muscle groups, creating better support and harmony in your muscles. You’ll gain more strength overall, and be less prone to muscle strain and other overuse injuries during training and beyond.

Focus and concentration

It can’t be denied that hockey is as much a mental sport as a physical one. It’s not always about aggression and being in the zone can only go so far. Studies have shown that relaxation techniques, including stretching and meditation, help reduce stress and improve concentration in your day to day life. By making it part of your off-season hockey workout program, you’ll help increase your concentration on the ice, even when things get distracting. Think of it as your secret weapon the next time the pressure is on!

Yoga is usually considered a low-impact stress relieving kind of exercising. But many professional athletes have seen the benefits of adding some practices to their off-season workout, to increase core strength, flexibility, balance, and even concentration. Try adding it to your off-season hockey workout program, and you’ll see a huge change in your game.

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