Performance Nutrition for Hockey Players

Performance Nutrition for Hockey Players

One of the most important secrets to reach the climax of capabillty is performance nutrition for Hockey Players. Nutrition plays a crucial and way underestimated role in many aspects of your life. If you want to be an elite athlete, we recommend you to take care of it!

Performance Nutrition: Secret Weapon or Absolute Essential?

Since we have a background in Hockey and Yoga, where high-quality nutrition is broadly recognized as key, we would say performance nutrition is an absolute essential – at least! Which doesn’t mean that it couldn’t serve as a secret weapon any longer. The difference depends on how professional you are handling the topic in everyday life.

There is already a lot of common knowledge about performance nutrition for Hockey Players, like:

If you train hard or have games in front of you, get an extra fuel from carbohydrates. Mix it with lean protein and vegetables as components and proportions may vary according to schedule and intensity. In short, basic knowledge like this is what we would call the absolute essentials.

Secret Weapon Performance Nutrition

But there is more to really become elite. That’s where nutrition as your secret weapon comes into play. Making the right food choices confidently is the most important performance enhancer. And it’s the only one you should be taking seriously. It’s important to understand and eat for performance at an advanced level. High-level performance nutrition will support you to properly use Supplements, apply a nutrition strategy and set up and adhere to sustainable meal plans.

Adherence is absolute key and it’s a lot easier to stick to it if you experience the benefits yourself and recognize the progress in your game. Lately we have had the opportunity to exchange our minds on performance nutrition for hockey players with Pearle from E4-TP. Eat this for performance gathers a lot of expertise and top-notch science-based knowledge on performance nutrition especially for hockey players (and their families). We strongly recommend you to have a look at it!

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