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Hi, my name is Julie and I am the Chief Yoga Officer (CYO) at I’ve been working as a personal yoga trainer for four years. Teaching painfree and sustainable yoga is my passion.

After a difficult accident and living abroad in Canada (yes, I saw my first hockey game there and was immediately hooked) I was desperately looking for something to help with the ongoing symptoms of my injuries (mainly a painful right hip and shoulder). Although I kept reading about the benefits of Yoga it seemed fast paced and acrobatic. It took some years and very good teachers to convince me of the contrary. My healing journey allowed me to find out that sustainable Yoga is powerful. Not only as a way of recovery but as a way of preventing injuries in the first place. I learned about anatomical variety, slowing down my yoga practice and the usage of props (blankets, blocks, straps, chairs, etc.) to make yoga painfree for everyone.

Complement your Hockey Workout with Yoga

No matter if your’re looking to build mobility or find rest, and restore – yoga will complement your hockey workout. No, most of it won’t look like what you see in magazines or online because my vision is to teach people not poses. This approach leads me while designing hockey yoga workouts and allows me to make poses work for your body – not the other way around.  Apart from the effect on the body I was stunned about the philosophical and mental depths yoga had to offer. Being able to control one’s thoughts, working with the breath and one’s ego makes yoga THE mental workout for athletes.

Become the best hockey player you can be or convince your team to finally take a step towards their maximum potential! All while learning techniques that will not only serve you in the rink but in real life too.

If you have questions or want to book your (semi)privates or online consultation with me just drop me a line!




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