Show Your Commitment – Get Your Yoga4Hockey Merch

Show Your Commitment – Get Your Yoga4Hockey Merch

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We decided not to just provide you with our unique Hockey Yoga Program, but also with the ideal Yoga4Hockey merch to support you on your journey. Make yourself the best hockey player you can be – and look damn sharp thereby! Have a look at the unique range of Yoga4Hockey Apparel.

Look out for our shirts, hoodies, tank tops and much more! We already have various lines in stock:

  • The “Basic”
  • The “Hockey Yoga Evolution”
  • The “Goalie Descartes”
  • The “Player Descartes”

…and many more to come!

Use the Coupon “OffSeason” until the end of August and get 10% off of your Yoga4Hockey Apparel purchase!

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