Typical Hockey Injuries And How To Avoid Them – With Yoga

Typical Hockey Injuries And How To Avoid Them – With Yoga

Today, Yoga is an essential component of many successful hockey games. There is a reason why hockey yoga is recommended to both beginners and pro players. Hockey Injuries are painful and awfully uncomfortable. Plus, the injuries might make you have to sit down a couple of games. There are many different types of hockey injuries but yogism could help not only assist in injury prevention but also speed up healing during recovery.

Hip And Knee Injuries

This kind of injury occurs when you overstretch the ligament on the inside of your knee. You can get ligament injuries where a player falls on to you. A quick change in direction can out exceeding amount of stress inside your knee.

Hockey yoga will improve your range of motion and stability. It will help your muscles move easily when you are making a sharp change of direction. Stretching regularly relaxes stiff muscles, connective tissues and ligaments.

Back And Shoulder Injuries

Hockey players are at risk of low-back injuries due to repeated hyperextension (backward) stress and the forward (flexed) posture. Do meditative practise to stretch your hip flexors, strengthen your back and stabilize your abdominal muscles.

It is not uncommon to find hockey players with a broken collarbone or shoulder separation. Direct contact of the shoulder with another player at such high speeds will most likely hurt your shoulder. Once your shoulder is out of intense pain, do some stretching for a speedy recovery.

Wrist And Elbow Injuries

Falling on an outstretched arm might cause a fracture. You risk breaking your wrist every time you come into contact with boards that force your wrist up or down. You can protect your wrist by bracing yourself against the board using your forearms instead of your hands.

Stretching helps our bodies to build resilience. That is why players who effectively do stretching exercises will recover faster than those who don’t. Hockey yoga boosts and optimises structural efficiency, to balance all the parts of the body.

Hockey Injuries And Yoga

In conclusion, hockey injuries are inevitable and yoga is one of the best forms of injury prevention. While hockey is a majorly physical game, players also need meant power and stability. Stretching is known to raise concentration levels and improve mental resilience. Yogism is the best way to eliminate mental fogs during games, so you are aware of every move.

Taking care of your mind and body with yoga is one way of reducing hockey related injuries and having more fun on the field. It is also an effective way of preparing yourself physically and mentally for a hockey game. Players with injuries are encouraged to do stretching exercises to speed up their recovery.

Wanna make yourself the best hockey player you can be? Get started with hockey yoga now!

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