Why Yoga Is The Perfect Hockey Core Workout

Why Yoga Is The Perfect Hockey Core Workout

It comes as no surprise to anyone that hockey players need to find ways of training off the ice. Developing core strength does more than just produce abs, it helps improve stability, balance, endurance and general performance while also lessening the risk of injury. For coaches, developing a hockey core workout should an essential part of any training regime.

How Yoga Can Help Develop the Core

Most people neglect the core during their exercise routine. They pick a particular fitness goal such as being able to run so far or lift so much weight and focus on the exercises they think will allow them to reach that goal as quickly as possible. Those that do acknowledge the core tend to think that throwing in some push-ups or situps into their regular routine is good enough.

The advantage that yoga brings for a hockey core workout is that it is much more comprehensive than what is provided by simple living-room exercisers. There are poses that can be used to strengthen every section of the core muscles. This leads to increased movement efficiency and helps avoid spinal injury. For hockey players, this is vital since movement on ice skates puts more strain on the body and the spine in particular than regular movement does.

Additional Benefits

Developing a hockey core workout with yoga does more than just strengthen the muscles and endurance while helping to prevent injury. It helps to develop player concentration and discipline. Greater focus makes players better able to focus on the game in front of them without becoming distracted which is vital when it comes to making crucial shots, passes or saves.

Developing this kind of a routine also helps teams function more effectively as a single unit. These more complex exercises let people develop a deeper understanding of each other and the players will react to each other more frequently than they did in the past.

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