Why Yoga Is The Perfect Off Season Hockey Workout

Why Yoga Is The Perfect Off Season Hockey Workout

Conjuring up images of people twisting themselves into pretzel-shaped positions, yoga may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for a new addition to your off season hockey workout.

However, it has a wide range of both mental and physical benefits. Both can be a great asset to any hockey player looking to improve their game.

Improved mindset

Many people from all walks of life come to the practice to gain a sense of calm and focus. Great for getting the most out of day-to-day living. But also undeniably an asset to hockey players faced with regular periods of stress and high-adrenaline matches.

Improved Sleep

All athletes know the vital importance of rest as part of the training regime. Giving your body time to recover and recuperate from the stresses of workouts and games. Studies have shown that the controlled breathing and process of relaxing through the postures can help induce a calming effect and improve the quality of your sleep.

Improved Breathing

Breathing is a hugely important aspect of all sports, and with its focus on controlling the breath, yoga is a great way to improve this part of your game. If you incorporate it into your off season hockey workout, by the time the season rolls around you’ll be ready to reap the benefits. From catching your breath and recovering quickly after an energetic chase, to using deep and slow breaths to calm your nerves before saving a goal, the benefits can take your playing up a notch.

Reduction Of Pain And Inflammation

Hockey can be brutal on your body, and may have left you with a variety of aches, pains and niggles. In a similar way to how yoga can be used to reduce stress, it can also reduce the inflammatory markers in the body, helping with recovery. It has also been shown to help pain levels with people suffering from osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore yoga can be a great option if you’re suffering with joint pain.

If you’d like to reap these benefits, try adding yoga to your off season hockey workout routine. We have online courses coming soon which are specially designed for hockey players, so sign up to receive updates and become the best goalie you can be.


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