How Yoga Improves Your Hockey Sense

How Yoga Improves Your Hockey Sense

To become a great hockey player, you must make sure that you are one step ahead of the play. This means that you must not only be in a position to feel yourself but also your opponents and the activities that take place in the competitive environment. This is what can be referred to as Hockey Sense. Here is how yoga can help you learn and improve your Hockey Sense.

Balance, Flexibility and Mobility

There is no doubt that movement is a key aspect when it comes to sporting activities. If you want to improve your hockey playing skills, you have to develop your Body Sense. Yoga helps hockey players to strike a balance between the physical and mental, allowing for greater interaction between the brain and body muscles. Yoga will also increase muscle function by increasing blood flow and improving oxygen levels in the body. This will result in better balance, flexibility and mobility on the pitch.

Increased Power and Strength

Yoga helps to keep joints and muscles safe and protected. Since hockey players tend to use their lower legs repetitively, their hamstrings, hips and groin regions become very tight. Taking yoga sessions keeps joints supple and muscles elastic, meaning that hockey players who take part in the activity will move more efficiently. This will ultimately ensure that you have better Body Sense, effectively increasing your strength and power.

Greater Focus, better Hockey Sense

If you are to feel yourself as well as your surroundings, you must have great focus. The breathing associated with Hockey Yoga is known to be accompanied with lower stress hormones. Similarly, yoga practice allows players to harness their energy and remain focused on a single point. The concentration and improved attention span that it helps to create gives you greater focus, a factor that comes in handy in the heat of competition.

Mental Toughness

Experts say that the body is an extension of the mind. Through Hockey Yoga, you will be able to understand the connection between the mind and the body. Once you are able to stay in a specific mental space despite your physical discomfort, both the mind and body will grow stronger. This will help you build the mental toughness and resilience you need to improve your hockey playing skills.

Decreased Pain and Faster Recovery Time

A good number of hockey players have elbow, shoulder, knee and hip issues. These will not only undermine their performance in the gym and on ice but will also reduce the quality of life. Hockey Yoga helps to reduce pain as well as promote faster recovery time.

There are many more ways through which yoga can improve Body Sense. By reducing body inflammation, improving breathing and promoting better sleep quality, yoga will allow you to improve your Hockey Sense and perform better as a player.

Wanna make yourself the best hockey player you can be? Get started with hockey yoga now!

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