Yoga vs. Mobility Training for Hockey Players

Yoga vs. Mobility Training for Hockey Players

Hi, it’s Julie from Yoga4Hockey again. This time I want to explain what Mobility Training actually is, why it’s crucial for hockey players to achieve their next level and how we can distinguish it from Hockey Yoga. This might give you an explanation as well why we at Yoga4Hockey developed our approach more towards Mobility Training.

But first back to Yoga again. When I started Yoga, I did it primarily because I wanted to get rid of my chronic shoulder and hip pain. It didn’t work out so well. But I immediately fell in love with Yogic philosophy.

The philosophy that teaches you that there is nothing to change. That you’re enough right now, just the way you are. That Yoga is a way to accept you as you are, not a way to change and make you more powerful, younger and fitter. 

But how does this work together with the demands of ambitious and professional hockey players?

It doesn’t work together.

Mobility Training for Hockey Players

That’s why I spent some time trying to create special hockey yoga classes that would meet all sorts of needs while clearly passing the goal of really teaching Yoga and especially Yogic philosophy.

I noticed this when I started to integrate more Mobility Training into my work. Mobility training is an excellent way to prepare joints preventively for living a hockey life. It is also a great training method as a bridge between physiotherapy and your favourite hockey drills. It promotes strength, mobility and neurological control in your joints.

However, it is not Yoga.

And I don’t want to mix it too much with Yoga.

Yoga is…

  • a philosophical practice
  • a way of life
  • meditation
  • unity of body and mind

Mobility Training for Hockey Players is…

  • injury prevention (prehab)
  • regeneration after injuries (rehab)
  • a tool to increase performance
  • mobilization of joints, working on flexibility, strength and neurological control
  • focused on the body

If you want to work on physical deficits, based on scientific findings: come and book your Mobility Training session with us! If you want to feel the unity of body and mind, book a Yoga class with us

We are here to help you!

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