Yoga4Hockey at the Super Sports Moms Podcast

Yoga4Hockey at the Super Sports Moms Podcast

Julie, the Chief Yoga Officer of Yoga4Hockey, got the chance to talk to Pearle of Make sure to listen to this really interesting E4TP Podcast episode to improve your hockey performance!

“This Podcast is a gamechanger!”

…as Pearle stated in the beginning of the episode. Yoga is not only targeting physical aspects, but mental aspects are crucial as well. And: What’s more important: You should not wait until you are injuried to start with yoga! That’s a lesson some learned the hard way.

Yoga for Hockey – and how it all began

Julie shares some personal insights on what brought here to the fascination with yoga, especially for hockey players. She gained a lot of insights and expertise on her own journey which she now shares with (hockey) athletes to help them to increase their performance.

Julie’s own yoga journey started with a horse-back riding accident a couple of years ago. She soon discovered the benefits of yoga for hockey players by looking at her four younger brothers: All of them play competitiven hockey.

Listen to the E4TP Episode with Julie of Yoga4Hockey

If you want to find out more about yoga for hockey players and the best nutrition to get you to the top faster – we strongly recommend you to listen to this Super Sports Moms Podcast Episode by ET4P!

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